Friday, November 26, 2010

My place in miniature

The beady eyed amongst you would have noticed I've recently been recreating parts of my real flat in miniature.

This morning I got a comment from Cali who has built her entire apartment in miniature:Which, in turn made me realise I'd never shared the miniature apartment Brinja 's building based on her own... Anyone else I've missed?


Sarah said...

I love it! Great idea.

*annina* said...

Thanks for sharing those two amazing blogs. I had never heard of them and will now spend hours going through all their wonderful photos!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing (:
Just a thing : this is not my entire apartment, just the first floor ! I began the second floor recently :

Brinja said...

Hi there! thank you very much for the link :) Have a great weekend.

The House of Lisa said...

Oh I like this!