Thursday, December 23, 2010

Also not a Christmas present...

Back in September I got an email out of the blue from a reader in Finland, wondering if I'd like to do a modern mini Advent Calendar Swap.

It was perfect timing as I'd been wanting to get back into making miniatures after far too long collecting and promoting them.

But, as tends to happen, deadlines slipped. And the advent calendar idea turned into something a little smaller (and a little later).

Today, my parcel from Finland arrived.
It was all terribly exciting. I sorted the packages out and lined them up in numerical order:
It was tempting to rip them all open in one mad frenzy, but I reminded myself that I am a mature and grown up person who can be patient enough to open one package a day, like we agreed.(We'll see how long that lasts...)Day one's package? A supply of refreshments, just in time for Saturday. And, even better, they're cleanskins which is about all my budget stretches to these days.

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