Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What's on my camera?

1. Checking the mail first thing this morning: Cool mail from a friend in Melbourne, part of the creativity challenge we've been doing this year (and which I've been failing miserably at recently...)

Inside was Not a Christmas package.
Kind of like a recent not a Christmas present from The Parental Units:
2. Walking round to visit Ampersand Duck I discovered street art. On my very own garage. Wahey! (And that I appear to have some sort of fruit-like tree up the back: Taph, if you can identify them and you want them they're all yours...)3. More street art, this time spotted at Dickson Library. No wonder my favorite spot for street art in the city has been empty for the past few weeks...(Who was that masked man?)
4. Discovered in the screen door at home. Even the butterflies Chez TSS have to be black and white...


Taphophile said...

It's free range fruit. It's mine! Be over not long after the family celebrations do my head in.

Kerry said...

Glad it arrived intact. I was originally planning to send without the plastic, but was concerned about stamps falling off!

How funny that your parentals sent such a similar note!