Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Well, that didn't work out quite how I expected...

Our department has just gone through a major restructure, which has meant that pretty much everyone has moved desks (and, probably, jobs). There was a major clean out before the changeover happened, with large rubbish hoppers appearing all across the building.

And I can never walk past such things without having a quick peek inside to see what might need to be rescued. This caught my eye, for instance
Opaque plastic ring binder.
and screamed 'bathroom window' (instead of 'rubbish' which is apparently what it screamed to its original owner...)

In yesterday's post, I alluded to a plan to turn my existing French doors into something more mid century.
Modern dolls house miniature French door with frost insert. In the background is a opaque plastic ring binder, a pen and a pair of scissors.
Using a chunk of the folder cover instead of the plain glass supplied was part of the plan. 

But then I got too clever for my own good, and decided that it would look ever so much better without the muntins.Except I didn't stop to consider, before sawing them out, that they might have been notched in place. So I ended up with this:
Dolls house miniature French Door with muntins removed.
Dammit! So close and yet so far.
Dolls house miniature French door with opaque insert and notches where the muntins used to sit.
I guess, if I want to rescue this, that I need to cut inserts to fit from the muntins I removed. And then paint the whole thing to try and cover the mess.

Or I could just go with the 'close enough is good enough' approach and add the new opaque panels to my other set of French doors and leave the muntins in place.

I'm not holding my breath for the second option...


Pepper said...

Two words - wood filler

AMCSviatko said...

Thanks Pepper: that was my initial thought but the fact that the 'glass' slides between the two wooden pieces that need to be filled made me think that option might be too hard. I'll give it a crack when I've made it to the hardware store :-)

Pepper said...

Maybe leave a piece of card in place of the 'glass' while you apply the wood filler, and slide it out before the filler dries?

AMCSviatko said...

I was actually thinking of using the original Perspex, as I didn't plan to keep it :-)