Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A(nother) good mail day

Look what I found in the post box today,
Spetmber 2015 issue of The Dolls' House Magazine, with mailing envelope.
 with this on page 29!
Page from The Dolls' House magazine September 2015 issue, showing a modern dolls' house miniature school-themed scene.
I originally made the scene back in 2011 inspired by a number of gifts I'd received, from M1K1, Call of the Small and Mitchymoo Miniatures.

And I liked the photos so much I still use one as the wallpaper on my phone:
Mobile phone withg wallpaper depicting a modern dolls' house scene of a pile of books with a large apple on top, and a jar of pens and pencils next to it.


Gigi said...

So awesome dear! Many hugs, gg

Pepper said...

*high five*