Saturday, August 08, 2015

Sew frustrated

I was feeling so confident yesterday. Smug, even.

I'd found a large photo of the completed Chrsynbon sewing machine online and enlarged it enough to understand how all the pieces fit together. I did a dry run.

And then started gluing. Which is when I began to have doubts. Because the spots where things glue together are very very small. and many things need to be at different angles to many other things. Not to mention things that seem to need to be able to move freely.

I took a deep breath. And glued one end to the middle piece. Used a couple of blobs of blu-tac to hold the two pieces at 90 degrees to each other while they dried.

Then, before I went to bed I glued the other end piece on. 'Pah!' I thought. 'This is going to be easy-peasy'. And I drifted off to sleep planning the scene I'd make today with my completed table.

This morning it all turned to custard. I picked up the structure to start adding the treadle and the wheel. And the whole thing fell apart:
Pieces of a dolls' house miniature treadle sewing machine kit strewn on a tabletop.
(There was almost a Saturday scene of a whole different sort...)


kittyandkatminiatures said...

My first thought is always, where's the lighter? Then, where's the wine. Then, ok, I can fix this mess. Ha!

AMCSviatko said...

I don't own a lighter: and it's too early in the day for wine :-(

My first thought was 'Well, that'll make a good story for the blog...'. The nice thing about having a blog: the worst the disaster, the better the story!

Susan@minicrochetmad said...

Hahahaha!!.......ditto, my partial kit is back in its' bag. Styrene glue? The sort that welds plastic together? I bought some but was too deflated to have another bash.....