Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Pizza from the post office

 Early last year I sent a pizza box, packed with crafty bits from the Typo Not Quite Right table, to a mini friend in New Zealand.Yesterday the box returned, refilled with mini goodness. 

The women at the post office thought it funny that I should be asking if a pizza box had arrived, and got quite excited when it did!
Post office assistant holding a pizza box which has been sent through the mail.
I couldn't wait to get it home and see what was inside...
Opened pizza box, showing a range of paper craft supplies.
A range of paper supplies strewn in a box.
 What was inside was lots of lovely crafty loot, including some more letter sets to make my box brooches with, scrapbooking paper, cutouts, stickers and bits of bling.
A range of paper craft supplies arranged on a desktop.
 My favourite bits so far are these plastic pieces which look like modern resin vases,
A packet of wooden cutouts in the shape of hearts and clouds and five plastic vase-shaped pieces.
this badge (which my friend explained was supposed to be 'I spot Damien Hirst' - but decided that 'I spot dolls' houses' was also appropriate),
Badge saying 'I [spot] DH' on top of a sheet of wood veneer.
these cardboard cutouts in the shape of gates, 
Scrapbooking cutouts in the shape of fancy gates.
and, finally I can never resist a daisy... 
A set of coloured round push pins, a bag of daisy sequins, and four wooden dolls' house plant pots.
So much inspiration to work with. Thank you, Sandra!


kittyandkatminiatures said...

It's christmas ;). I just had a flash vision of those "blings" as nailhead on a mirror. Might have to try that.....

AMCSviatko said...

What a great idea!