Monday, December 12, 2016

Chop chop

I've spent all weekend telling myself I need to finish up the scene I started last weekend, but instead I found myself in the mood for cleaning and sorting my real house.

In the process I came across a couple of 'flower pot holders' I picked up for $2.80 on my last trip to Daiso.
White wire flower pot holder with tag.
As I was tidying them away I had a brainwave and pulled out my wire cutters. Several snips later I had a new wire side table:
White wire flower pot holder with a one-twelfth scale miniature white wire side table next to it, holding a yellow and white tray.
 Not bad for $2.80 and five minutes' work...
Modern one-twelfth scale white wire side table, holding a yellow and white tray with a white vase of daisies on it.


Sheila said...

Ooohhh... Very pretty... looks like it would be right at home in a greenhouse.

elizabeth s said...

Looks good to me! :D

Minis-B-Happenin' said...

I love the creativity that's brought to miniatures, and one of my favorite aspects is to look at an object and see the potential for a mini. Very pretty!