Saturday, December 24, 2016

Stocking filler*

May I present to you: The Ghosts of miniature Christmas Past?
Modern one-twelfth scale tray for Santa, with a can of wine, a plate of cookies, a glass of candy canes and a carrot for the reindeer.
Modern one-twelfth scale miniature scene of a sea-side holiday home with a Christmas tree set up in one corner.
One-twelfth scale modern miniature kitchen dresser filled with mismatched crockery and holding a tray of champagne glasses, a bottle of sparking wine and a platter full of seafood.
Modern one-twelfth scale miniature scene in white and teal, showing two sushi meals on a table and a Christmas tree in the background.
Modern one-twelfth scale miniature scene in white and teal, with a couch and coffeetable holding a tray with sparking wine and glasses and wrapped gifts on it, and a Christmas tree in the corner
Modern miniature scene of a black ghost chair next to a white scrollwork side table. On the chair is a shoebox filled with Christmas decorations, and on the table, a tray displaying Christmas baubles in  silver and hot pink.
Modern miniature dolls house scene with a Christmas tree, bathtub sofa and a 'love' picture on the wall and matching heart-shaped cushion on the sofa.
Modern one-twelfth scale miniature scene of a bar in black and white with lime details, decorated for Christmas.
Modern miniature cupboard-top scene which includes a silver lamp, a bowl of pinecones, a three-section picture, a Christmas angel and a wooden star on the wall.
(*Because I'm still researching the potential pitfalls of painting Fimo. Oh: and doing important things like buying sparking wine and cherries and dolmades).


Pepper said...

Merry Christmas Anna-Maria. I wish you a wonderful, mini filled and prosperous 2017 x

kittyandkatminiatures said...

Merry Christmas!

I enjoyed the beer and cookies. When I was a kid, Santa would request I leave a run and coke plus regular potato chips. Times have changed. You can't drink and sleigh.

Tina said...

You"re not fooling me with this glittery distraction....what happened to Kevin's little (supposidly yellow) feet?

Sheila said...

So pretty, all the different little scenes. Have a Merry Christmas!

Kathy S. said...

Love all the different scenes! Just my kind of stocking filler! Merry Christmas and all the best in 2017!