Friday, March 10, 2017

Finish it off Friday: the four-day weekend edition

Take one four-day weekend.

Add no plans.

Mix with a splash of forecast rain,

Slowly beat in a messy work table*,
Aerial view of a work table covered with various one-twelfth scale modern miniatures.
 a messy work bench,
A work bench covered with various one-twelfth scale modern miniatures, accessories and tools.
and sprinkle with good intentions left in limbo
A one-twelfth scale miniature room box, full of various miniatures, tools and components.
and (I hope) you have the perfect recipe for success...

(*Yes, those are covers for my 2017 calendars. Still awaiting delivery of matchboxes from the other side of the world...)


Pepper said...

It looks finished - but in a 'someone has just ransacked my house' kinda way :0D

AMCSviatko said...

Yes: but alas that someone was me :-/

Mad For Mod said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend to me!