Monday, March 27, 2017

Showing my colours

 I'm still working through the aftermath of Saturday's miniature show: but this year I'm doing things differently.
Flatlay of vintage dolls' house miniatures in yellow colours.
Instead of what feels like my usual habit of racing home afterwards, dumping the contents of my car onto the middle of the lounge floor, and then spending Saturday evening and most of Sunday hunched over my computer working on doing stock reconciliation, order documentation, photo downloading, correcting and blogging (plus, until this year, loading the photos into the space I'd reserved in The tiny Times's May working document), I stopped.
Flatlay of vintage dolls' house miniatures in orange colours.
 Took a deep breath. Stretched, and poured a glass of wine.
Flatlay of vintage dolls' house miniatures in gold, silver, white, black and brown colours.
Then spent Saturday evening opening the bags of goodies I bought at the show and creating flatlays. Partly for you, but mainly for me: so I could get to know my new treasures*, and put them away properly ready for use.
Flatlay of vintage dolls' house miniatures in blue and green colours.
It was quite lovely.
Hand holding an vintage dolls' house miniature plastic radio in front of vintage orange and white paper.
While you're waiting to see the photos I took of the exhibits that caught my eye, you might like to listen to the piece that ABC 666 aired about the club yesterday...

(*Although a few are for miniature gifts. Of course!)

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elizabeth s said...

I LOVE the Artistic way you've presented your Many Mini Treasures from the Show!
Lots of Eye Candy for all of us to enjoy too!