Thursday, June 03, 2021

Uppercase love

 Many times over the years since I discovered Uppercase magazine, and bought the first copy way back in 2009, I have professed my love for it. (I even have a bit of linky love for it on my sidebar: and occasionally consider creating a whole new blog category for it. And, even when times were damned tough over the years I've always managed to magic the cost of my subscription out of my annual budget).

So when I noted that the May mini makers prompt for 28 May was 'Paperclip challenge', my first thought was the recent stationery issue that had arrived, more specifically the subscriber card insert that (as always) was tucked inside with a back printed with the theme pattern for the issue. Which I had safely put away in stash with the rest of my collection of lovely patterned card for future inspiration.

And I hatched a plan to make some paperclip-themed stationery (mentioned vaguely last weekfor the paperclip challenge, and was rather pleased with the result:

One-twelfth scale modern miniature stationery made of paperclip-themed card, including a storage box, stationery tray and four notebooks. Leaning against the storage box is a full-sized paperclip for scale.
So, it seemed, was Janine from Uppercase magazine:
Instagram post of a selection of one-twelfth scale miniature stationery supplies with a paperclip theme, with a comment 'aaaaahhg, cuteness alert! @amcsviatko made *super tiny* office accessories by repurposing the subscribe card from issue 48 of UPPERCASE magazine. My readers are the most talented and creative bunch, ever! 😍'
which quite made my morning, and reminded me that I had a evil plan to convince her that volume 'M' of her Encyclopedia of inspiration has to be 'miniature'.

It also made me think that it might be high time to round up all the scenes I've created so far using her subscribe cards, and pull the rest out of stash to see what ideas they give me.

So here we go:

In March 2017, I used one of the cards as a wall panel in Bluebird Cafe.
One-twelfth scale modern miniature cafe corner with a table, a menu in a bird-cage shaped holder, a jug of flowers and a bench seat with cushions.
From May the same year, I threw together a quick scene using a card advertising her second range for Wyndham fabrics.
One-twelfth scale miniature benchtop scene with various white decor items in front of a wall tiles with random geometric patterns
Then in November, the card from issue 35 inspired a whole co-working space.
One-twelfth scale modern miniature co-working space with a high table, round table, storage and kitchen area and screen made of breeze blocks.

So yes,high time I made some more scenes inspired by these seemingly-ephemeral gifts.

And worked out a way to ensure 'M' is for miniature!

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