Wednesday, May 26, 2021

May be minis...

 At the beginning of the month I had hoped to find space to focus on miniatures a bit more, and had toyed with the idea of setting myself another mini challenge, like Daily Dolls' House December.

I even had a name lined up: 'May be minis'.

But then reason prevailed and I decided that that way lay almost certain failure and disappointment. So instead I embraced the May mini makers challenge on Instagram, telling myself it was perfectly acceptable to reuse old photos, and hoping that once my homeversary and birthday leave rolled around I might find myself spending more time in the studio (even though it's on the dark and cold side of the flat...)

And so I am. And yesterday I not only created a brand new scene for the daily theme of 'on the shelf', but also made some minis and photographed them for a theme later in the week.

One-twelfth scale modern miniature scene with a mid-century modern cupboard unit and chair. On the unit is a variety of decorative objects including storage drawers, books, vases and a pot plant. On the wall is a picture with the words 'Amazing things will happen' and a dolls' house shadow box.
Using, happily, a number of gifts from blog buddies, friends, and fellow miniaturists, including Mod Pod Miniatures, Kitty and Kat MiniaturesSandra and Minis by Twinmum plus some birthday treats I bought myself.

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Jodi Hippler said...

It's a fabulous scene and I'm glad that your will found a way! Keep them coming!