Monday, May 31, 2021

Feeling smug about my Smeg!

I mentioned yesterday that I'd been spray painting a few more things than just the Lori fridge, and today I finished them.

The most exciting is another fridge: my new Smeg!

One-twelfth scale modern miniature retro Smeg fridge with a had next to it for scale.
I've been wanting a black fridge for a while, and had been lusting after the Lundby fridge, except I couldn't justify the price, especially for something that's slightly smaller than it should be.

So when I spotted a 1/12 scale kitchen kit which included a suitable fridge, at a much cheaper price than the Lundby fridge, I decided it would make an excellent birthday treat to myself.

Also on the spray paint trolley were some bathroom fittings for a future build, and various other accessories that got a makeover.

And when I brought them all back upstairs this afternoon, I realised I may have just accidentally created a miniature Harvey Norman showroom!
Two one-twelfth scale modern miniature fridges,a bath, a toilet and a basin displayed in a line. On top of the fridges are a collection of jars and vases.


bizvisor said...

Wow! this looks so cool

Quintype said...

Tihs looks awesome, I'm so inspired to try it out myself