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The Daiso dilemma

 Ah Daiso, how I love you, and your very cheap miniatures. (And how ironic it is that the only branch I visit anymore IS IN ANOTHER COUNTRY because I can't justify the $100 return fare to Sydney before I even buy anything, so only visit when I'm in Wellington checking up on The Parental Units).

In an earlier post I mentioned that for the last 2 years I've been telling myself that I'm not buying any more minis, but regularly returning from New Zealand with a few things tucked away in my suitcase. Because one of the traditions I have with my wonderful friend Sandra when I'm over there is that we do a trip to Daiso (a tradition I'm now passing on to my aged parental unit, male (APUM). Except he's not interested in the minis, oddly enough).

 On my trip over in July last year, most of what I picked up was from Daiso (the two rows on the left of the picture).

Flat lay of one-twelfth scale modern miniatures including Eames chairs, crates, a trolley and some fake greenery.
I'm pretty certain that that was the first time I'd seem the Eames chairs there, as I also took a photo comparing them to the REAC versions, which are ten times the price of the Daiso ones. (REAC on the left, Daiso on the right):

Two different brands of one-twelfth scale modern miniature Eames chairs, side by side.
Next trip to Wellington I discovered that the chairs came in other colours, and the trip after that I found the had tables as well (plus I picked up a couple of metal ones because why not, for the price of a cup of coffee for them both?)
Five one-twelfth scale mondern miniature Eames chairs and 2 Emaes tables plus 2 metal tables.
The next trip over, I discovered the lockers on the left, and I found the smaller ones on the right on last month's trip:
Nine one-twelfth scale modern miniature lockers, six full height and the other three with multiple lockers on the stack
(Because obviously you can't have too many miniature lockers!)

Other Daiso finds included some industrial-looking shelving and workbench (originally designed to display model cars):
Four one-twelfth scale modern miniature garage shelves and a workbench.
and some random bits that caught my eye:
One-twelfth scale modern miniature microphone, cactuses and bread crates.
Do you have a Daiso (or Daisos) within striking distance of you? If so does yours stock other miniatures I've not yet come across in the (quite small) Wellington branch?

Apart from my Daiso hauls, I've picked up a few other bits and pieces in the past couple of years. 

Firstly, a handful of gifts from various friends (including magnets I purloined when APUM was cleaning off his fridge),
Selection of fridge magnets and one-twelfth scale modern miniature toys.
random bits and bobs, mainly from my op shop wanderings in New Zealand,
Flat lay of a fridge magnet, a necklace with large daisy beads on it, 2 sets of erasers in the shape of city buidlings, some clay cutters and a bag of one-twelfth scale baby bottles.
including this beautiful handmade op-shopped brooch, which I used in the 'magical thinking' challenge scene, but  think needs to be used again in a scene that highlights how lovely it is:
New Zealand Tawhai brooch attached to a paper explaining how it was made.
And, of course, and as usual, a random bunch of ephemera I collected along the way that I thought I could use as art:
FLat lay of a collection of paper ephemera for use in modern miniatures, including a greeting card, post card and several bits torn out of magazines
Finally, on a recent op-shop jaunt (far less fun without a car), I spotted this collection of vintage Lego Homemaker shelving units for a total of $2, which had to come home with me, even though I already have some:
Six vintage Lego Homemaker shelving units.
(Also, in case you're wondering... Kintsuglue for the win!)

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