Wednesday, May 01, 2024

May be minis (again)

I've been stalking Instagram over the past week or so, hoping that there'll be another May mini makers challenge this year: with no luck so far (and I assume if there was one planned for this year it would have already been announced).

So I guess I'm on my own, unless you know of another May mini challenge?

Alas the day escaped me, and it wasn't until the light was disappearing (oh so terribly early it seemed) that I thought that I should probably have planned this whole thing through a bit more.

The good news is that I did do something miniature-related today: after spying some Daiso dolls' house furniture that I hadn't seen before pop up on Facebook Marketplace, I took a longer lunch to scoot over to pick 2 sets of it up from the buyer.

And I did take some photos, but only (or so I thought at that stage) to share with my fellow Daiso-obsessed friend, planning to take better ones to blog after I logged off work for the day.

But I got a call from a client a few minutes before I'd planned to log off, and by the time we were done it was too late to catch the light.

So please excuse the au-naturel pics!

These were the sets I bought, minus the coffee tables that the seller forgot to pack, and which I'll pick up next time I'm out:
2 sets of one-twelfth scale modern miniature plastic sofas and chairs.
Daiso-obsessed friend asked if they looked good in person, or if it was a waste of time her going to Daiso on the weekend to see if they had them in stock in Wellington.

(As someone whose nearest Daiso is 3 and a half hours away, of course I replied that going to Daiso was never a waste of time!)

So I sent her some close-up photos to help her make her mind up:
2 one-twelfth scale modern miniature 2-seater sofas next to each other: a leather one on the left and a slightly smaller plastic one on the right.
pointing out that they were smaller than standard, but that makes sense: they're similar to those cheap Kmart ones (or, indeed the very cheap ALDI ones that I still have in pieces in my workshop).
One-twelfth scale modern miniature plastic armchair with a doll sitting in it, in front a similarly-styled sofa
and that corporate Wendy looked comfy enough in one.

Finally I sent her a picture of the bottom and back of it, showing the tabs holding it together, and mentioned that it looks like pulling them apart to flock and/or paint looks doable:
Upside-down one-twelfth scale modern miniature plastic armchair, showing the tabs that hold the pieces together.
In other miniature-related news, the Sydney miniatures and dolls house fair is on this weekend, and my local miniature club is arranging carpooling up to it.

I haven't gone since 2018, as to travel there and back, or to buy anything much was hard to justify with my voracious offset account, the location made it difficult to do a day trip on public transport, and, of course, there was that little matter of a global pandemic that got in the way.

I'm still tossing up if I want to spend 7 hours in a car with people I don't know well out of curiosity to see the new venue (and be tempted to add Daiso Hornsby, just one stop up the train line from the venue, to the list of Daisos I have visited).

Mini club meeting is this Saturday: perhaps I'll leave it to chance and see if anyone mentions that they still have a spare seat in their car...

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