Friday, October 20, 2006

Friday (and no WIP in sight...)

Remember yesterday I picked up a parcel from the Post Office? Well it was the third part of Sew Thrifty's swap/delivery. With more black and white wonderfulness in the form of a platter to match the gravy boat hot chocolate pot that was in the second parcel. And some fabric to add to my ever-growing stash.Plus the last of my Irwin haul. I think there will be some serious playing time set aside this weekend.

Since this post seems to be all about yesterday rather than today, here's a gratuitous shot of the goodies I took along last night to 642.4 (The Librarians' Dinner):What's particularly special about them is they're all gluten free! We cut them in half so we could try more things and I'm sad to say both halves of that eclair disappeared before I had a chance to stretch my hand across the table and claim one.

(Clockwise from top left: Ricotta cheesecake slice, carrot cake (duh!), hazelnut torte, pecan tart (with pear and almond tart hiding underneath) and chocolate eclair.)

In other news the $1.99 a bottle wine is fine and dandy and hangover-free. Must buy another box. (Or two. Or three....)

(Listening to: Endorphin, AM:PM)


twitchy fingers said...

Yum! Where did you get them?

createacraft said...

nice post.. and yummy post.. containing.. hot chocolate.. cakes.. and wine.. even reading it made me gain some weight ..
and let this box of wine be.. at least 3..
did you take a sip in my place too..=))
enjoy your weekend..

AMCSviatko said...

twitchy - they were courtesy of the delectible Deeks.

pinar - I thought of you as I poured my glass of wine for after-work drinks last night :-)

Carson said...

Love the B/W wonderfulness.
Have you seen the "Wedgewood Eames" Lena's posted on her design blog:

The Flyin' Fluff does not sound good for the allergic rhinitis or the study.

Mondo Viagiatore said...

You are a lifesaver, I was able to pass on the info about Deeks to a friend (they are in Pearce, ACT as well as other parts of Canberra) and now Gran will have her gluten free 70th birthday cake!!!!