Thursday, November 23, 2006

Feeling a bit like Groudhog Day

The whole history/ architecture and shopping evening mix worked so well on Tuesday night that I thought I'd try it again last night.

For the history/ architecture component of the evening I went to a talk on
The ACT Heritage Library (a place I could never work as I'd never get anything done!) and drank free wine - thus breaking my frugal alcohol standard record from the night before.

Afterwards, for the shopping part of the experience I headed to the David Jones Christmas preview at Woden where I drank free champagne and wrestled with the tough decision: would I buy David Jones Home Brand towels at 30% discount with nothing to pay til February or would I buy Conran towels at 30% off and nothing to pay till February?

After getting one of the Assistants to check which of the Conrans designed the towels (a very important piece of information, I assure you) I decided I could justify the extra $5 or so it would cost me (and cope with the slightly smaller towel) in order to be able to gaze adoringly at the Bath by Conran (of the Terence variety) label every time I used them.

My beautiful new towels weren't the only reason I was feeling spoiled yesterday, though.

Taphophile gave me this:(here's a gratuitous close up of the vespa jumper pattern - I think I'll use the scooter design on the back of a hoodie. Not sure yet if it'll be a big person or a tiny person hoodie yet...) That Taphophile sure has me well and truly pegged! And I gave me this t shirt from Magpie Store:
Which arrived very quickly and I've been dying to wear it but fear it's not quite appropriate for work. Roll on the weekend!

(Listening to: Cafe del Mar Vol 5)


Kristin said...

The world gets smaller all the time. Magpie's around the corner from my house, next door to where I get my hair cut.

AMCSviatko said...

Now that is seriously weird.