Sunday, November 05, 2006

Ruined, I tell you. I'm ruined

Princess B texted me asking if I'd seen the PJs at Target. Since I was in town anyway I trotted off to see what she was on about and there, shining at the end of the aisle, was not one, not two, but three different sorts of black and white pyjamas. Plus a dressing gown!

I almost hyperventilated with excitement, especially when I spotted the 15% off everything in store sign attached to the top of the rack. It was a subconscious Pavlovian reaction which was quickly replaced by the oddest thing.

A (horribly wise) little voice piped up in my head.

"Do you actually need new pyjamas?" it asked.

To which I replied "Of course! They're black and white, which I hardly ever find, so I MUST BUY THEM IMMEDIATELY! In fact, maybe I should buy spares for the top cupboard!"

"Really?" continued The Voice of Frugal Reason. "What about those paisley PJs you made, the black and white spotty ones you found in Goulburn and that pirate night shirt and silky dressing gown? Plus the fact you have at least two pairs of black plaid elastic waist shorts you wear to bed in summer with old black T shirts. Not to mention the two brand new white waffle weave bath robes you have in the top cupboard from the DJs sale two years ago"

I scowled. But The Voice of Frugal Reason was not done yet. "And did you notice that while the pants of that pair of PJs are cotton the top is polyester which means you'll never wear it? Do you really want to pay $34 for a pair of (yes, I admit, rather cute) pants when you know you could make some IF YOU ACTUALLY NEEDED THEM out of your stash? And isn't that fabric thin? Aren't you worried it'll be a little see through (for one) and not very long wearing (for two)?"

"Oh piss off" I said and marched back out of Target with arms empty of shopping bags, wondering how this came to pass and if The Voice of Frugal Reason was going to be a permanent fixture in my life from now on.


Anonymous said...

so glad i didn't buy you a pair for christmas! but glad i gave you 15minutes of frustration! Princess B

Anonymous said...

oh my! that goes through my head everytime i go shopping! i end up buying all sorts of stuff for jerrett and the hubby and never anything for me! i always find a reason not to buy myself something! yesterday i found a pair of boots that were really cute and actually fit my non-exhistant calf (boots are always too big for me) and they were only $30! I picked them up, tried them on, and put them back because i told myself that I'd never wear them. Now I'm sad 'cause they only had 1 pair left in my big foot size so I will never see them again! :(

Taphophile said...

I recommend gaffer tape for the VOFR - what a spoil sport.

Didn't get to Dickson on Saturday so the yarn is safe from me. Thanks for letting me know though :)

AMCSviatko said...

Hi Taph

i realised that when I went over this morning to see if the 10 video set of Thunderbirds was still there (it was - so my sister will be very happy) and the bag was still behind the counter.