Thursday, April 26, 2007

Cake & crap poetry

The cake got made. I popped over to the supermarket and bought a mix "to save time". I came home, I looked at the back of the mix packet and realised that, since I was adding eggs, butter and water, I have just spent $3.00 on a bag of gluten free flour, baking powder and sugar (not to mention a list of other unneeded crap), all of which I already had in my cupboard (except the unneeded crap, which, oddly, I could live without) and which would cost significantly less than $3.00!

The Shopping Sherpa got severely sucked in. It won't happen again.

The cake was a roaring success. The dinner was fun, especially after Julie pulled out her copy of Versability: the poetry game (and M & I discussed the possibility that it may be by the very same Burton Silver of Bogor fame - which I now know it is. From marijuana addicted cartoon hedgehogs to poetry games. Most odd)

We tried playing a few rounds of Versability (the premise being one person reads out the first two lines of a poem and you have to guess the rest. To much hilarity, especially as the level of the wine bottle drops.) Once we lost the focus to play properly the evening moved onto quoting the poems we knew (other people had much more highbrow tastes than I did, my contributions including gems such as:

"The boy stood on the burning deck
his feet were covered in blisters.
He though he had his own pants on
But found they were his sister's..."

And the ever popular:

"A thousand hairy savages
sitting down to lunch -
gobble gobble, gulp gulp, munch munch munch.")

And then degenerated into a reading of arguably the worst poem in the world after which there wasn't anywhere to go but home to bed...

(Listening to: Alphaville, Prostitute)

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Anonymous said...

oooh the cake looks yummy! must make a cake today!