Monday, April 16, 2007

I'm stuffed but my cupcakes aren't...

Yesterday I had planned (amongst other things) to head to Kingston Markets and buy some dried lavender to pop in these before I stuffed them.

But I never made it - after spending more time than I expected chatting about dollshouses with Charlene and Robert to when I picked up my mini cannisters, and more time than I expected wandering lostly round Aldi looking for the apple crisps they'd advertised (which had never arrived, I found out in the end), I ravenously jumped at the opportunity to meet S, M & J for a (very) late lunch at Tilleys, forgetting completely that I'd wanted to buy lavender.

Never mind, I don't need the finished cupcakes til the first weekend in May so I can always go to the markets next weekend. Or go the easy way and just buy some off eBay....

But in the meantime I'm a little between knitting projects and feeling very antsy. Especially with new supplies of wool having just turned up in the mail from eBay (I've given up on getting wool from Vinnies - between the African Aids baby jumpers, the penguin jumpers and the premmie hats the wool stocks are looking very very sadly depleted).

I'm still in lust with the cabled hoodie from the Spring 2007 issue of Knit.1 of which my copy is (they tell me) about 6 weeks away so it seems pointless to go buy more wool to go with a pattern I do not yet have.

(Listening to: Loop Select 005, Good shit happens)

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Anonymous said...

you've been busy! i got antsy to make some the other so i dug out my only crochet hook (a huge one at that) and tried to relearn crochet. that didn't last long