Thursday, April 19, 2007

Corners of my World (aka: Just one of those days)

This is a good illustration of my life at the moment. New knitting project. Cat still not quite used to all those needles and all that wool whipping round. Piles of books to be read.

And, not seen, decisions to be made, news to hand to possibly influence decisions, and one Shopping Sherpa not very comfortable in the middle of a maelstrom and having to be patient until the answers reveal themselves.

There are some things that are certain:

Eurovision semi final is to be aired on SBS 8:30pm Saturday May 12th. Final is 7:30pm Sunday May 13th. I will be drunk for both.

The parental units are buying me the Loop 8 CD (not yet released) for my birthday.

(I was slightly concerned, with the timing of the new release in May, that I'd either miss out completely or get 5 copies from various NZ peoples who knew what I liked.)

Tomorrow, I know, will be different...

Listening to: Onetwo: Item)


Olivia said...

Hope the malestrom eases soon

Anonymous said...

hope it all works out with everything! crossing my fingers for good things!