Saturday, May 24, 2008

Oh the places you'll go

Busy busy birthday day (although I did keep forgetting it was my birthday until another text arrived to remind me)

We spent the morning with my slightly out of date copy of
Treasure Hunter's Guide tromping round the local area checking out the op shop situation. We were discussing how much Footscray reminds us of the suburbs of London.

Then Kerry shouted me a very nice lunch at the
Footscray Arts Centre cafe.And we discussed how much it reminded us of New Zealand, World travel without leaving the postcode. Excellent!

Lunch finished at 3:30pm leaving us just enough time to make it into the
NGVto peruse the gift shop check out the Black in fashion exhibition:The birthday fairy was obviously in attendance as the soundtrack started playing Sisters of Mercy's Black Planet as we walked in. I wanted to stay til they got round to Depeche Mode's Black Celebration but instead I took a photo of the playlist so I can (hopefully) recreate it in future...)

We finally made it back to Footscray just before 6pm to discover, in this very civilised part of the world, op shops are open til 6pm on Saturdays!Tonight we have a date with a sofa, a bottle of red bubbles and the second Eurovision semi final...

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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!
The entrance to the NGV looks very cool