Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Are these the answers you required?

From the last 24 hours worth of stats:

1. Yes,
Peppe's dolls house site is down at the moment. Apparently he's been having issues with his server. That's the bad news. The good news is he's working on getting a new one. Which is why I still have a link on my sidebar...

(EDITED TO ADD: I've just received word Peppe's site is back up)

2. No, I haven't managed to find Robbie the Reindeer's Close Encounters of the Herd Kind on DVD either. If you're desperate to see it you could try
You Tube in 10 minute bites but I didn't tell you that...

3. I've stopped knitting cupcakes. I have a pile in the stock cupboard if you want to buy one (or more) cheap. The modifications involved counting the cast on as row one, increasing into each stitch on the first row of icing then knitting 2 tog all along row three. Oh and using two needles and sewing it up afterwards as at that stage I hadn't worked out DPNs.

4. I believe the chances of IKEA opening in Canberra are practically zero. Based on the fact they're opening in Auckland and are plotting a second store in Tempe I suspect the population base has to be at least a million before they'll open a store. I'm very prepared to eat my hat on this one though!

5. Why you'd think I had european shopping "calatogues" (sic) is beyond me. If I could be bothered I'd google the phrase and find out why you ended up here on that one.

6. Yes I still have my
Room Interior Products blow up Christmas Tree (two, in fact: one medium and one small, both in grey and teal) I'm not planning to put either of them up this year so if you're desperate make me an offer...


Anonymous said...

I read a while ago that they aren't opening in Auckland *sob* If you've heard otherwise recently please let me know. The rather lame excuse was the council decided the popularity of Ikea would result in traffic problems - because they don't have those up there ;-)

Bron said...

oh I've been looking for that Robbie too!!