Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The best laid plans...

Yesterday was a J & I errand day. We had made our lists (Books for her nephew and niece for Christmas, a white shirt for me for my new job, new supplies of Lynwood jam for me, a photo album for J) and set out nice and early.

We were doing well and midmorning found us at the counter of The Essential Ingredient with jars of rhubarb & raspberry jam and melon ginger & lemon marmalade when my phone rang. I didn't answer it as I find it the height of rudeness when I see people being served in shops while they're chatting away on their phones to someone else. When I checked my messages it was Canberra Museum and Gallery wondering if, perhaps, I would be available to pop in around 2pm as WIN TV was covering the exhibition as their colour piece in last night's news. "No need to change" I was told. "They'll only be using a head shot of you"

So out day was rearranged slightly and off we trotted into town for the afternoon (after I had, at least, changed into my newest pair of Converse One Stars). Did they stick to head shots? No. Did they unexpectedly drag J into the piece? Yes. Oh well, it was a good piece, especially as I didn't have to speak on air. J has recorded it and I'm hoping to load it to You tube in the next couple of days and link it here.

(And in case you're wondering we managed to also pick up the books, the shirt and the photo album before heading home)


Helen said...

Glad you had your converses on. I have nicknamed mine "Anna Marias"- lest I forget. Interview today. Lost enough to fit into old skirt - feeling good. Love Helen

Janet McKinney said...

Hi there - I saw you on tele lastnight - and you looked pretty good. Still open will Feb huh