Thursday, December 11, 2008


It's not that bad really: I just had one of those days where plans and reality didn't quite meet.

Oh, I'm not complaining. Reality included a very lucrative run in my eBay shop (which meant much postage calculation, invoicing and a last minute trip to the Post Office).... An email from ACT Library Service telling me Animal Vegetable Miracle was waiting for me to pick up. I think I'm going to rather enjoy it based on a passage on page 33 that had me chuckling:

"Then we came around to the sticky one. FRESH FRUIT, PLEASE???
At the moment, fruits were only getting ripe in places where people were wearing bikinis. Correlation does not imply causation: putting on our swimsuits would not make it happen here"

...The slowly dawning realisation that in The World of TSS it's Christmas Eve, which was quickly followed by a flurry of gift wrapping. And the cutting out of a gift that I should have started weeks ago and which I confidently believed I'd have done and dusted in no time so had put off til the last minute...

(Is it teribly wrong to wrap an IOU for a gift in Christmas paper and ribbon? )

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happyspider said...

hell no. In fact, for some people it's basically tradition... <_<.....>_>