Sunday, December 28, 2008

Seven Things Spring/ Summer 2008 Christmas Edition: Oh crap!

I was tempted to follow Taph's lead when I saw my figures this morning and declare a Jubilee Week. But although Taph definitely deserves one (69 weeks and a net 4799 Outs: that, folks is an average of almost 70 items out per week over a period of more than a year!) I really don't deserve one. As I'm (still) struggling to make my figures each week I guess that's the best reason to keep going...


* 1 book, 1 DVD set, 1 tin, 1 row counter (Trash & Treasure)
* 6 pairs socks (on special at the supermarket so I stocked up)
* 6 pairs knitting needles (Vinnies Queanbeyan: couldn't resist...)

* 1 Lundby Letter magazine (subscription)
* 1 book, 1 tea towel, 2 napkins, set of 5 vintage kitchen containers, 3 books (gifts)

Total In this week: 29


* 1 pair lounge socks, 2 washcloths: gifts

* 1 dead sock, 1 dead T shirt, 3 pairs dead trousers, 1 dead shirt, 1 dead vest, 1 dead cardigan: bin

* 1 cat mask from a New Year's Day party too long ago to remember clearly, 1 crown and 1 sceptre from a long-ago trip: op shop
* 2 books: donated to Cycling S
* 2 old and manky tea towels (replaced by beautiful new tea towels given to me for Christmas): bin

Total Out this week: 18


* Nothing. Which made quite a change, actually...

Net items out so far during Seven Things Spring/ Summer 2008: 120

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