Friday, November 13, 2009

But does it fit the brief?

There's been another unexpected change of direction in my response to The Big Very Important (Scary) Final Brief. Mainly because I found a beautiful wooden toy loom at Vinnies this morning for $4 and suddenly have the urge to explore the possibilities it brings to the brief (Nests=woven, after all. Possibly too literal, do you think?)I've also pretty much given up the idea of actually painting something for the final body of work as I feel much more comfortable working digitally (and you can sort out mistakes much more easily!)

Here's an idea I've been mulling over in various forms for the past week or so (very loose test runs shown, completely different to what I was originally planning):
I originally conceived them as a triptych but now I wonder if they stand better alone...

I have another idea I want to play with which involves nesting boxes and cross stitch and knitting and the idea of boats (blame
Where the Wild Things Are fever, OK?) but that will have to wait until tomorrow.

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