Monday, November 16, 2009

Good news. And bad news.

The good news:

I went through my body of work (as it stands so far) with my tutor tonight. And he didn't laugh. (Not even at the photo of the nest with the dolls house furniture in it...)

The bad news:

1. After discussing my work with my tutor I came up with an avalanche of new ideas. And the first stage assessment in Wednesday night. 43 hours away.

Before then I have to pack up a pile of stock to return to my distributor, visit the doctor, intern at Craft ACT, attend a printmaking workshop at CMAG, then a catch-up class at CIT (which won't be much help as I have everything I need to work on my pieces here) and work. Oh: and sleep, shower, and eat.

2. I appear to have tidied away my two pieces of A4 sized, stringy bark dyed fabric when The Collectors were due. And I can't find them anywhere. Which means I either have to find time in the next 43 hours (minus the time needed to use them to create something) to turn the house upside down to find them (you won't believe where I hid stuff!) or drag some more stringy bark into the kitchen and do a redye job...


Rebecca said...

Perhaps a find-the-stringybark-dyed-fabric working bee is called for? Immediately? Sorry I can't help :-(
Good luck :-)

Taphophile said...

Nah, working bees are to hide stuff, not to find stuff!