Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tuesday: morning, noon and night.

Morning: Spent at Craft ACT where we were pricing new stock in readiness for the Christmas Smash shopping extravaganza tomorrow night at 6pm*. (For a sneak preview of one of the new items currently under wraps in the back room see here.)I also checked out our new exhibition Art Quilt Australia 09, which I haven't had a chance to see yet: Noon(ish!): I popped next door to Canberra Museum and Gallery for the first of my lunchtime printmaking classes.

We started by looking round the exhibition of prints from the CMAG collection, before a highlights tour by the Curator. The we had to use a viewfinder to select a piece of one of the works to sketch
before heading downstairs to the studio where we were shown how to make prints using the base of foam meat or vege trays and a pencil. Amelia shows us an exampleinks it up and prints it.Voila!We have a go:
Then she shows us how to add layers of colour and pattern. After cleaning the foam and scratching some background design she re-inks in a new colour
and shows us the difference it makes:
But the hour's not over yet and Amelia isn't done. She cleans her foam again, cuts out the tree part of it, inks it up in a third colour, presses it down and we're all terribly impressed!
My final result wasn't nearly as striking:
Then I went back next door and spent the afternoon sorting out and loading the photos from Re-loved 2 to our Facebook page.

Night: My favorite night of the year (and better than Christmas):The Canberra Theatre subscription season launch!

(*Are you coming along?)


Ampersand Duck said...

I beg to differ, I think it's very striking. Isn't Amelia lovely?

Anonymous said...

Would you be willing to leave more detailed directions on how to make a print stencil out of the foam trays? I would be so grateful. Thank you

AMCSviatko said...

Maychild 17:

1. Cut piece of foam from meat or vege tray (the sort you get at the supermarket with three capsicum gladwrapped onto them, not the huge ones you can also use for emergencgy plant potting!)

2. Draw picture on piece of paper the same size as the tray (remember everything will be reversed in the final print)

3. Copy picture onto foam with sharp pencil.

4. Roll ink onto a piece of glass until thin but not too thin.

5. Roll ink onto foam

6. Place foam onto bench, ink side up.

7. Lay piece of paper on top. Use clean roller to roll across paper.

8. Lift paper up and unstick foam. That's it!