Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Top flight customer service

Do you remember how I ran away to New Zealand in the middle of the lead up to my final assessment last year? And how it cost me a total of $184.94 for the trip?

What I forgot to mention was that my special meal disappeared on both my flights. When I got home I contacted
Qantas to let them know, mainly because I couldn't understand how Frequent Flyer flights, using my Frequent Flyer points, attached to my Frequent Flyer number could have not picked up the fact that in my Frequent Flyer profile lists me as wanting a special meal.

Which meant that they possibly had some sort of computer programming glitch that they needed to track down and sort out.

Yesterday, when I cleared my PO Box, I found a lovely letter from them. And this:A voucher for $200 worth of air travel "in recognition of your experience".

I'm most impressed that ovo lacto vegetarian meals (or lack thereof) are worth $100 each. And that my trip to New Zealand in November now nets me a $15.06 profit...

Now I just have to decide what to put it towards. A trip
Here? Or maybe here?


Rebecca said...

!!! The same has happened to me (on four flights) - I just assumed that, because I wasn't actually paying, I didn't qualify for a special meal. Maybe I should try this too?

Cherry ・ チェリー ・ 체리  said...

Yay for vouchers! That's awesome ^_^"