Monday, February 08, 2010

The knitty gifty

There was a lot of knitting during my unexpected blogging break.

Some of what I made was also unexpected. This Strawberry Tea Cosy, for instance:I found the pattern in
a book I was shelving on Friday. Had no intention of making it any time soon (if I was going to knit another tea cosy it was going to be the teabag shaped tea cosy I'd promised the team at Craft ACT for Christmas. After I'd designed the pattern for it, that is...)

But somehow I found myself justing: just checking the stash to see if I had the right coloured wool from my op shopped collection (I did). Just casting on to see how it knitted (fast). Just starting the other side as the first side was finished so quickly. Just knitting the leaves since I was so close to being finished. Then staying up just a little bit longer to sew it all together.

And guess what? I have absolutely no need for a 4-6 pot Strawberry Tea Cosy. If you do, leave a comment on this post and I'll draw a winner next Monday morning. As usual, I'll post anywhere in the world...

You don't get a chance to get your mitts on these though: Knitted from frugalled vintage Caressa for a friend's 21st (I have fond memories of this style ball band from my teenage knitting days)I had enough yardage to knit not only my usual lounge socks but also matching wrist warmers. (The planned a photo shoot involving wearing of the socks and wrist warmers, all artfully set up against a rug, reading a book, didn't happen light's crap today and it all seemed too hard.)

Finally, knitty gifties for me:
The biggest black knitting needles I've ever seen. Frugalled by proxy for my kinetic sculpture by the ever generous and thoughtful Taph.


The Old Flame said...

they look wonderful.

Leah said...

Lovely cosy, but your socks look very cosy indeed!

MTB Girl said...

Your spread in the Canberra Times on the weekend was great - congrats!

I'd love to give my tea loving mum that cosy - it's so cute!

Elizabeth said...

Your strawberry tea cosy is lovely, and I've got just the right black and white teapot to put it on.

Congratulations on the weekend magazine spread too.

Janet McKinney said...

Ooohhh TSS. I have started a tradition at work of serving tea from the pot first thing in the morning. We have a lovely range of tea pots (6 at last count) but no tea cosies to use on them

Chloe F. said...

I love the tea cozy! I'm Australian but live in Canada and it's freezing here. The cozy would really come in handy.