Monday, February 01, 2010

Trial trails

I've been aware of Spoonflower since their early days and have always thought the possibility of printing fabric you've designed yourself was super-exciting.

Have I done anything about it apart from subscribe to their blog and emails?

Errr.... no. (Although printing this was a possibility that I haven't yet followed up.)

But this year I vowed things would be different. I was going to print something on Spoonflower, dammit!

Not being one to make life easy for myself I decided yesterday that entering one of their contests might be the push I need to actually do something. The only problem is the contest I've decided to enter (
Bugs) closes on February 1st at 12 noon. Luckily that's USA EST 12 noon which gives me a bit longer, but not much.

I started trials of my design yesterday evening. This is as far as I got (very very rough):Notice something? Yep, a complete lack of bugs.

There will be ants, I promise. Once I've worked out the trails. And the trials. And why on earth I decided to try pattern matching gingham for my first foray...