Saturday, December 21, 2013

Brunch at Good Brother

It's the first day if my sixteen-day-long Christmas break today. And I'm having brunch and a long-overdue catch up with a friend this morning.

Last night I collected a package of mixed vintage miniatures from the post office. And one of the items included was this:
Which I discounted and put aside as I admired the pieces I actually wanted from the lot.

But (of course) I woke up far too early this morning, with that plate of food playing in my mind. And a fully-formed plan to build a miniature version of Good Brother, the local cafe I'm hoping to visit for brunch.

I was most pleased with this plan as it meant I could finally use my Navy chairs in a scene worthy of their fabulousness.
And so the build started. With a concrete floor, courtesy of a ceramic tile from Bunnings, and a chalkboard wall courtesy of the Typo factory outlet  Not Quite Right table.
One of the major decorative features of Good Brother is a cardboard stag head trophy on the wall. Which I happen to have in miniature (thanks to the much-missed Amazing Miniatures)
I flesh the scene out with some another feature of Good Brother: the industrial shelving unit that holds the water and goodies for sale.
 And decide I am done.

(What do you reckon, have I captured the essence of the place?)

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