Wednesday, December 11, 2013

It's like all my Christmases have come at once* (WARNING: fawning alert)

(*Which is interesting, as I don't actually do Christmas)

Back in September Pepper from Mitchymoo Miniatures and I did a swap. We both thought the other put together a far superior parcel of treasure (Which, I think, pretty much defines a successful swap). And Pepper declared she was going to send me another, 'much better' parcel.

Guess what was waiting on my post box for me yesterday evening?
Since I don’t do Christmas, I took great delight into ripping into it straight away.

And OMFG, if anything could convert me to the concept of Christmas being a worthwhile proposition it would be the loveliness that I found within.
 I think Pepper covered all the best things in life (except, perhaps alcohol, but that’s always difficult to post...). I was more excited by the batteries than I was by the chocolate (thus possibly proving I was born without a girly gene) as I realised that meant there was a Mitchymoo miniatures  lamp in there somewhere!

I opened the boxes from largest to smallest (as a miniaturist I always believe the smallest package is the most interesting and, once again, I was proven right).

The first package I opened was a fabulous black and white tea towel for my collection. But that's another blog, so we'll move right along.
The next package was one of her fabulous credenzas.
I admired the beauty of the legs and the intricacy of the door fronts
while marvelling at what wonders the 21st century has brought for miniaturists.

The third package contained THE LAMP!
Oh lovely lamp! Oh lamp, my love, what a beautiful lamp you are, you are, what a beautiful lamp you are! 

And three turned vases are beautiful too (I'm hoping that these aren't Mitchymoo originals as that would be yet another skill she has that I'm jealous of)

Then, finally, my attention turned to the smallest package of all. And as I picked it up I wondered if there was any possibility that there was a Ray Storey bottle inside (I'd been perhaps a little too effusive in my praise of his work on her blog, but he's been on my wish list for some years).
But of course she blew all my expectations out of the water and there were THREE! Plus an Elisabeth Causeret vase, which has also been on my wish list for a very very long time.

After the shock of it all, I had to go and pour myself a glass of sparkling wine with which to toast my very good fortune and Pepper's generosity. And start planning the ‘backatcha’ parcel.

(This could continue for quite some time...)


petal said...

What a great gift, so many lovely things.

Mad For Mod said...

What fabulous and generous gifts!