Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas at the coast

So while I should be working on more important things on my list of what needs to be done to finish this scene (re-cover day bed seat and make cushions, finish and mount pictures, then complete the latest crazy plan which involves moving the kitchen side of the scene up so there's a step-down to the sun room and adding posts to hold the roof up along the edge), I find myself putzing...
... Filling the dresser shelves with crockery just so.
... Digging out one of the two miniature Christmas trees I own and playing with night scenes. 
... And finding myself compelled to visit Officeworks on the way to work to buy a packet of miniature bunting I spotted there on my last visit, which would be perfect for the windows...

Looks like it's Christmas at the coast this year.

(Edited to add: See part 1 herepart 2 here and the final instalment here)

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Neen said...

I love the play of lights in the second photo, very lovely!