Friday, January 10, 2014

Fabulous Friday (in a non-miniature way)

My friend from work and I made our first pilgrimage for the year out to the Typo factory outlet after work today and had to giggle when we saw this sign in front of one of the green boxes:
(Why yes, you're right. You obviously know us too well...)

Of the nine items I bought for $1 each, the only miniature-related one was a wall calendar which I only got for the 'posters' on the back page:
The purchases that did give me minor heart palpitations were this lemonade vase ($1 because there was a 'stain' on it, which disappeared soon after I pulled out the paste cleaner at home) and white hydrangea fairy lights ($1 because the lid of the packaging was missing):
Be still my beating heart...

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