Thursday, January 09, 2014

Thursday: Thinking it through

As I try to ease into the new year, I'm trying to be mindful of my priorities for the coming year. And focus on my 'big rocks'.
As part of this concept, I'm playing with the idea of giving each day of the week a theme (you've probably already got a hint of this) which will hopefully mean I won't be constantly stressed by the things I'm not doing but rather will have the ability to assign a day on which they'll be dealt with and thus be able to concentrate more fully on what I want to achieve today.
So tonight, instead of giving myself grief because I'm not making a scene to blog, I'll share some random photos from my worktable, and spend that time checking that the rocks I've locked in already have been given the time they need in order to come to fruition.

The first mini swap of the year. A new volunteer role assisting with the production of the Australian Miniature Enthusiast's Association magazine. Oh: and doing the dishes after having friends over for dinner last night.
 Which makes me think that in 2014 this blog may widen its horizons again to include not-quite-miniature-related posts.

So, to test the waters, may I introduce this week's work lunches?
and Thursday. (We're very fortunate to be located in front of a church with a lovely tree-shaded park, just perfect for a lunchtime picnic.)

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