Monday, October 12, 2015

AMEA 2015 Convention haul part 2: the Trash to Treasure Table

One of the highlights of Convention for me was the Trash to Treasure Table, where members donated items they no longer wanted so other members could take them and use them.
Table in a conference room, covered with piles of crafty items.
I was very lucky and picked up a pile of windows and a door that I plan to use in future scenes, plus a length of guipure daisies,
Two large dolls' house windows, four small and ten basement, one door and a selection of coloured beads and letters, arranged on a table.
Some ribbed wooden beads for vases
Eight coloured wooden beads, arranged in the fanlight of a dolls' house miniature fanlight.
And some coloured plastic letters.
Three sets of coloured plastic letters, arranged under two dolls' house miniature windows.

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m1k1 said...

The advantage of me not being organised enough to bring freebies to the Convention, is that there'll be stuff for the freebie table at the AGM.