Tuesday, October 13, 2015

AMEA 2015 Convention haul part 3: my purchases

First up, from Chells Mini Corner (sic), a selection of plastic kitchen containers and storage baskets, plus salads (in a bag and a bowl) and a wire basket (yes, I know I have a whole roll of gutter guard under my workbench to make one myself but sometimes it's easier to just buy one ready made...)
Selection of modern dolls' house miniature kitchen plasticware, and two salads: one in a bag, the other in a bowl.
Jan Jones had the stall next to me, loaded with all sorts of unusual goodies. I was strong, and only bought a few items for Margell:
Dolls' house miniature chopping board with a enamelware bowl and red and cream jar on it.
and a tiny glass paperweight with a black star inside it.
Dolls' house miniature glass star paperweight displayed on a finger.
From another stall, I bought this abacus from the $1 box.
Dolls' house miniature abacus.
And I went a bit crazy at the Jan's Miniatures stall when I spotted a range of 3D-printed items. Some of these are destined to be gifts...
Selection of 3d-printed modern dolls' house miniatures, including storage containers, waste baskets and spray cans.
Finally, I picked up this basket-making kit, hoping to use it with the waxed thread I bought in New Zealand earlier in the year:
Kit for a dolls' house miniature woven basket.
Speaking of kits, Chell gave me one of her 'Trash to Treasure' kits when I bought the kitchen stuff from her. I haven't had a chance to explore it properly yet...
Bag of 'trash to treasure' bits to make dolls' house miniatures.
And not really convention purchases, as I bought them while I was in The Blue Mountains afterwards:
Five full-sized bottles of nail varnish displayed on a metal storage box that looks like a miniature sideboard.
Cheapy nail varnish I discovered at the chemist while my friend was buying stuff to ease her sinusitis, and a metal tin bought in the antique shop next door. Ironically, it originally contained a 'Cutex de luxe set' but I'm going to use it as an interesting Art Deco miniature sideboard.


Pepper said...

Very cool purchases. Does Jan have a shop of her 3D goodies?

Mad For Mod said...

Wonderful finds!

AMCSviatko said...

Pepper: No, but if you email her at janstillard@gmail.com, she will send you a catalogue.

Susan@minicrochetmad said...

Awesome shopping, love your selections!