Saturday, December 04, 2021

Going for gold

 As I suspected, I ended up repainting yesterday's copper tap to gold, which I think looks much better.

One-twelth scale modern miniature bathroom with black basic, gold tap and wood panelled wall.

And so I painted the bath tap to match. 

One-twelfth scale modern miniature bathroom with green marbled wall, black bath and a gold tap. Outside the window above the bath is a vertical garden.

I also trialled 'installing' a vertical garden in the courtyard are outside the bathroom window, and am testing out some wood panelling on the side wall, and some sconces made from earrings I used to wear back in the late 80s (I told you I'd be pulling out some long buried treasure from stash: alas I broke of one of the rays when removing the earring backing, so will need to pop that back on if I decide these are staying in the scene...)

Another potential whoopsie is happening downstairs in the garage, where my plans to stain the Lundby drawers I was wanting to use as the vanity aren't quite working out as I'd hoped: although the spray-painted drawer handles are looking look fabulous.
Miniature drawers being stained a dark colour, with a puddle of stain and a staining cloth next to them. On the other side are 4 drawer handles for the drawers, spraypainted gold.
Tomorrow is another day, and hopefully they'll look better by the time I head down to check on them...

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