Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Still going

 Me? Yes, but I've been shifted into a(nother) new team, which is currently undertaking a major project: so my plans for having almost all of December off to play have disappeared.

Daily Dolls' House December? I hope so, but the challenge this year will be shoehorning it around work commitments, plus my feelings about the whole thing are sounding oddly familiar.

After much middle-of-the-night pondering over the past week or so, I've decided that this year's approach (I won't even tie myself down by calling it a theme) will be to try and use up some long-buried treasure from stash: the end result of which will hopefully be some downsizing in the studio, and along the way remove any pressure to complete a scene each day but instead share the journey, and maybe the story behind what I'm using. We'll see.

And, finally*, the exhibition. Also still going: and extended through to the end of January 2022.

Doll house miniature worlds of wonder exhibition logo
(*Because we won't mention COVID-19).

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