Tuesday, December 07, 2021


Today's burning question is: will my new beachside scene live in this cliffside spot, or in this cliffside spot?

Or maybe even this one? (which I only now realise makes no sense if it the kitchen of the house is on the dunes, but the lounge is on a cliff).

Or somewhere completely new?

(I have no answers: I logged in to back-to-back meetings all morning, then after lunch finally returned to the chores I usually do before 9am. Which resulted in an almost-11-hour day, something I found completely ironic as when I realised I was going to work through my planned summer leave, I'd assured myself that I would make sure they were short days to make up for the disappointment.)

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Ana said...

I hope you went somewhere with a cliff and a beach! You get to enjoy the scenery and then go for a swim later on!