Sunday, December 05, 2021

Sunday funday (and I-fell-in-love day!)

 I had plans. I did indeed. But a text from a friend just after 9am suggesting brunch (alas I'd just finished breakfast, so it changed to coffee and cake), meant the plans were tossed out the window and I went out instead.

Coffee and cake resulted in an impromptu trip to Spotlight (I was strong), followed by lunch: both of us remarking how oddly normal it felt, and yet, at the same time,weird in its normalness...

So it wasn't until the afternoon that I made it home again, reminding myself that this is what weekends are supposed to be for, and, since it's Sunday, I can play.

(The vanity is looking much better today, you'll be pleased to hear, and I'll be returning to finish the scene next week.)

Today I unearthed my workspace, and in the process found a sheet of scrapbooking paper I'd picked up at the Kaisercraft store back in May (and yes, that's the second half-completed scene cluttering up my worktable at the moment!), and decided to spend some time cutting out and framing the images using some coffee stirrers I had on hand.

As I went digging for my mitre box and saw, I remembered that I'd bought an Easy cutter back in 2016 at the NZAME convention, and this would be a perfect, low-risk chance to try it out.

Easy cutter on a cutting mat, with a selection of tiny wooden hearts made from the ends of coffee stirrers.
And I'm amazed! It was brilliant, and I love it (and not just because I realised that I could make tiny heart art from the ends of the coffee stirrers!) But I now feel a bit silly that I didn't get one decades earlier, or try this one out sooner.

So frames ahoy, and now I need to take the bits downstairs to the garage for some whitewashing (and, perhaps, some bluewashing), and then set them aside for my traditional creation of a miniature holiday house to virtually visit over the summer break.

Cutting mat with miniature sailing-themed pictures with wooden frame pieces arranged around them. To one side is a pile of coffee stirrer pieces, and to the other side is an Easy cutter.


Valentina said...

Those paintings sure look nice!

Anne said...

Great painting ! This is art!