Friday, January 19, 2007

Feeling very lucky...

What a day of goodies and excitement!

This teetering pile was waiting for me when I went to the Post Office this morning:It was almost like Christmas all over again! First up was a large box of beautifully wrapped goodies from Cuzzie C in Kiwi Land. Now, as you know, I'm not usually into stuff that's not black and white but this paper was pretty damned cool:Cuzzie C is well trained. A box to TSS must always start with a packet of Sour Cream and Chive Grain waves. Guaranteed to provoke blissful thoughts in the receiver.

She also included dark chocolate scorched almonds (yum yum yum) and dark Lindt (double yum yum). A ball of black yarn and some pens and stationery to inspire the imagination,and this absolutely stunning candle which caused much leaping up and down and trying not to be so uncool as to squeal with excitement!Thank you and big hugs, Cuzzie C! I love love love it all!

No sooner had I recovered from the excitement of package one, I opened package two, which was from Pink Trees who always sends A grade, brilliantly considered swap parcels. (And crikey, I hadn't even got this one and she announced there was another on the way! Eek!)

This parcel was no exception, full of wonderfulness:It contained excellent black and white stationery, some cotton twill tape (so I can try printing TSS labels for my bags), some black felt to play with and four black and white fat quarters (I almost died when I saw how cheap there are in the USA! Ours work out about $4.75 US each). She'd also included a very very cute black and white "Shopping Girls" tin full of mints.

And in the wrapped presents? This divine platter (insert another round of trying not to do the squeally thing):And these deco-esque black and white cups and saucers:(The gift boxes were pretty snazzy too and kept me well entertained admiring the brilliance of a design which looks like two pieces but is actually all one piece!)

And to top it all off my IKEA hack hit Craftzine today. I'm famous (in my own lunchtime) and really really have to finish that matching bag this weekend!

(Listening to: Cowboy Junkies, The caution horses)


Anonymous said...

yea! yea! yea!!! i'm so happy it made it to you!! i'm sending the other one out tomorrow since the ice has melted a bit! i'm glad you like everything!

Taphophile said...

You know I just had to squee again, don't you. Drat you TSS and your clever, cool-breaking ways.

It's fab you made Craftzine and all those lovely goodies, too. :D

AMCSviatko said...

I think you've started a squeeing trend, you little trendsetter, you...

Just wait til you see the wool haul I'm showing off tomorrow :-P

Anonymous said...

hey, i was beginning to think you haven't got your box yet but glad you liked it lol. Wasn't sure about the stickers...but yeh, i saw the candle and thought of you so thats why i got it :)