Thursday, January 04, 2007

Corners of my Home (sort of): Week 12

Thursday night is the new Monday night, didn't you know? At least it is round here as general consensus ruled that Monday night catch ups were a pain in the bum and that Thursdays would work much better for everyone.

And so it came to pass that tonight I was able to try out my first recipe from Sophie Gray's Destitute Gourmet: more stunning food from small change which Mum gave me for Christmas. Gotta love the title.Meanwhile, back in the jungle living room, J and S had discovered the copy of The Canberra Game I bought here and though seriously about playing it. But decided they'd feel bad separating the cards and making up the pristine game pieces even though I explained quite clearly that Canberra Museum already had a copy, the ACT Heritage Library had at least two so it was quite safe to actually use my copy for the purpose it was intended for if they so desired.I had more success in the kitchen where I convinced the curry puffs to come out looking exactly like the picture in my cookbook.And everyone finally settled on playing vintage New Zealand Monopoly. Over dinner, of course. Because we're grownups so can not only play with our food but also over it!

(Listening to: Penguin Cafe Orchestra,
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Anonymous said...

oh I've never even heard of that book, now that really seems like my kind of book, I am planning a mission for February to spend nothing at all (not even in thrift stores eeek) and I am looking for ideas for food, so I might take a look in the library for that, though it might be too new to be in the library yet

oh and I just remembered you asked about that op shop I found that is more like a warehouse, it is on the Northern Beaches in Brookvale and the first Saturday of the month is when everything is a dollar (or it might be 2)


Anonymous said...

What a lovely post. The curry puffs look lovely. Good to see you all playing a board game and having fun!

AMCSviatko said...

Nothing?! As in "Not buying it, my year without shopping" the book?

Kudos to you - I was thinking of going for maybe a week to start with to see how it felt but a whole month!

My book was released in 2002 so newness shouldn't be an issue. If your library doesn't have it I'm happy to post my copy to you for a wee holiday...

createacraft said...

that is the best part of being a grown up..