Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Two random pictures taken this morning when it was overcast and cool and I somehow deluded myself into believing it would stay that way all day and I'd get a lot done.

Ha! I'm now sitting here with a moustache of sweat (gotta love summer, right?). At least the washing dries super-quick in this heat...

Still crazy with listing on eBay (running behind schedule, as usual) and packing the sold items up and sending off invoices. Wishing the bubble wrap fairy would visit with supplies (and maybe she'll bring the toe-polishing fairy with her? - super embarrassed by the state of my toes in that second picture! When did I let my feet revert to their natural Hobbit-like state?)

At least I'm at home tonight - was out last night and won't have an evening at home alone after tonight until Sunday. Did I mention I'm dying to go see Marie Antoinette?

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Blue Note Trip)

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