Tuesday, January 23, 2007

It's all good!

This has to be the buy of the month and you can feel virtuous at the same time you feel frugal:

1. Banrock Station (remember, the wine I stated here should have the motto Kill a braincell, save a duck because of the work they are doing on their wetlands and with Landcare Australia?)

2. It's on special this week at Macs Liquor (or whatever the Woolworth's grog shop is called these days)

3. And if you buy 6 bottles at once you get another 20% off. So that makes 6 bottles $32.93 in total.

4. When you buy 6 bottles you get a free cooler bag. It's black. That logo is so going to be part of The Shopping Sherpa's experiment where we discover if transfer paper works on things other than cotton cloth....

5. And IF YOU BUY IT TODAY (along with your non perishable grocery suppliers for the next decade) all the profits go to to the Country Women's Association to help farming families with household bills and for research into sustainable farming practices.

How totally cool is that? Buy wine. Help ducks. Help mud. Help farmers. Get cool bag. And very cheap vino to boot.

1 comment :

createacraft said...

it is real cool..
I love promotions.. and helping while shopping..
we have never enough motivation for shopping don't we..=P