Friday, January 30, 2009

It's a hammer!

I got a call from Dad last night. It went something like this:

Dad: "I've been thinking about my birthday present..."
TSS: "Yes?"
Dad: "And I think I've worked it out."
TSS: "Uh huh?"
Dad: "Well it's not a scarf cause they're boring to knit"
TSS: "Correct"
Dad: "And it's not socks because no one knits them anymore"
TSS: "Err.... actually lots of people do, myself included, but you're right. It's not socks" (Thinking: DAMN! Should have knitted him socks, They would have been quicker...)
Dad: "So I'm thinking it must be a cardigan or a jumper"
TSS: "Wrong!"
Dad: "But you know that I don't wear cardigans. And the only jumpers I wear are fisherman's rib ones that I wear until they fall apart"
TSS: (Makes mental note... Fisherman's rib jumper... Size 104 cm...)
Dad: "And I wear sleeveless vests to work"
TSS: "It's a hammer!"*
Dad: "So I think you're knitting me a sleeveless vest"
TSS: "Argh! You figured it out! But yay: I can now officially be late since you know what it is AND post photos on the blog!"

(* Quote from a very long ago Christmas when Mum tried disguising Dad's presents as he always tried to work out what they were. We thought we had it sorted: we put a hammer in a large box. I think we even sprayed the box with perfume (but don't quote me on that bit). Of course, we forgot that if you pick up any box which is significantly heavier at one end than at the other it's pretty obvious what's in it... Hence the "It's a hammer!" quote)

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Cherry ・ チェリー ・ 체리  said...

Lol.. true about the hammer-in-a-box. Funny.

Man my dad doesn't care about what we give him... siblings aren't identical i guess. My mum's like your dad though! Grrr....