Thursday, January 08, 2009

Thursday: quiet with scattered surprises.

It's one of those days where I keep hoping to come up with something interesting to blog about. But I don't think it's going to happen so here's a "same old same old" post instead:

Woke up very early (like 4am early) and it was clear a return to sleep just wasn't going to happen so I got up and spent a couple of quiet hours clearing out that pile of papers I'm sure we all have: that "I'll do something with when we get a chance" pile. I got the chance. The papers no more but my Library watch list, my Amazon wish list my Wist List (and my filing pile) are all much fatter and by 6:30am I was feeling rather pleased with myself. Except for the fact I'd forgotten to buy milk last night so the morning cup of tea was off the menu until I got to the supermarket.

I dropped Miss Daisy over for a pre Road trip service at 8am ("Road trip?! What Road trip?!" I hear you exclaim. Aha! We're making a quick rather unexpected escape to the perfect destination: art gallery, fashion exhibition, op shops and a woollen mill. I think I'll leave you guessing for now...).

On the wander back home I noticed that BWS had Berri casks the cheapest I've ever seen them: $30 for 15 litres. I did a little happy dance then took note and planned to ring various interested parties once the hour was more civilised. And went and bought milk and supplies for breakfast.

I came home. I had breakfast. I did some dishes. I did some washing. I cleared my email inbox down to 20 for the first time in living history (!) I sorted a few more things out. I almost finished the overdue placemats.

Then I picked up Miss Daisy. Who cost about $500 more than I was expecting to pay for her service. How did I react? With a slightly raised eyebrow, a quiet gulp and a mental rearrangement of the bill paying account for the next few months. Oh how I love being old and sensible enough to have a bill paying account that I can be creative with when necessary. I just wish someone had explained to me the joy of paying a certain amount into a bill paying account each week when I was young and silly and fiscally irresponsible. It would have saved me much stress and freaking-out over the years...

And then I bought 45 litres of wine (not all for me, you may be relieved to hear), came home, brought in the washing, set the fruit out ready to start my marmalade and that's pretty much my day. Although I do still have 4 hours left in which to add to the surprise tally. Although I suspect the main surprise round here will be if I'm not tucked into bed with a pile of books within the next hour!

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Michelle said...

Whoo hoo! Road trip - what fun! And I heard great things about the show that's at Bendigo Art Gallery at the moment.

I love hearing about other people's days.